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Test All The Builds

This week brought new Early Access builds of the JDK and related projects.

On the JDK 7 side, the JDK 7 Update 40 Early Access Releases have been updated to 7u40 Build b26. A list of changes is available here - this build updates HotSpot to hs24-b45 and upgrades JAXP to 1.5.

On the JDK 8 side, the JDK 8 Early Access Releases Build b91 is now available for testing. An extensive list of changes in this build is linked off the download site - it includes the aforementioned JAXP 1.5 update, a new HotSpot build (hs25-b33), Nashorn replacing Rhino, and a big bouquet of other small and not so small changes making it into this build as one would expect at this stage in the JDK 8 development cycle.

As Tori Wieldt says over on the Java Source blog:
Please download the latest preview updates JDK 8, the next generation of the Java Development Kit. Kick the tires, give it a test drive and share your feedback.
- and of course, if you're looking forward to 7u40, please give it a spin as well and provide feedback through the usual channels.