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Last week I mentioned a few videos and and podcasts featuring Milton Smith, Sr. Principal Security PM at Oracle. I had a chance to meet Milton last week when he was in Hamburg for the OWASP AppSec EU conference, but I didn't have a chance to attend his presentation. Fortunately, the video team of the AppSec EU conference has published the video recordings of the conference presentations already - you can find a recodring of Milton's here.

Speaking of interesting conference videos, as the news of JVM Language Summit videos starting to show up on the Oracle Media Network broke on Twitter, ensuring an excitedly sleepless night for some, I compiled a quick list of more or less OpenJDK-specific talks that have been uploaded so far:

And last but not least, two new recordings of presentations from the JUG.RU OpenJDK Test Fest have been published on the JUG.RU YouTube channel: