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Test All The Builds

Last week brought a first Early Access build of JDK 7u60: Build b01. A list of changes is available in the JDK Bug System. As the focus of the JDK 7u60 release is plain old bug fixes, this first build contains bug fixes across the JDK code base.

As part of the Early Access build community testing efforts, the Apache Lucene team has given this build a spin already with some encouraging results. If you find issues during your own testing of this build, please report a bug.

Moreover, if you are interested in participating in regular community testing of Early Access builds, you can join the quality-discuss mailing list at OpenJDK, and let the community know about your experiences.

In addition, a new Early Access build of JDK 8: Build b118 is now available for testing. This build updates HotSpot in JDK 8 to HotSpot 25 build 60 and updates the man pages.

An extensive list of changes since the previous build is linked off the download site. For developers making their own OpenJDK builds, and looking to compare their regression test results with others, JDK 8 b118 regression test results have been posted to the quality-discuss mailing list, as usual.

The next build, b119, has already been tagged.

Happy testing!