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New month, new talks. Many new talks, in fact - all of JavaOne 2013 presentations have been published online. In addition, the OTN team has been busy publishing interviews from Devoxx on the Oracle Java YouTube channel.

But first, let's start with a video from Kaushik Srenevasan from Twitter University on Profiling Java in Production diving into the home grown HotSpot tooling at Twitter using the Linux perf profiler.

At Devoxx, Nighthacker Stephen Chin interviewed Brian Goetz and Stuart Marks on Project Lambda. OTN's Tori Wieldt interviewed Brian as well. And if you just can't get enough of watching Brian talk about Lambdas and want to start playing with Lambdas yourself, Stephen, Stuart and Brian will be hosting a NightHacking Worldwide Event on Lambdas on January 16th.

Also as Devoxx, Tori interviewed Mark Reinhold on Java SE 8, Jigsaw and a lot more. And if you can't get enough of listening to Mark, his JavaOne 2013 presentations are now online as well:

Other OpenJDK related talks from JavaOne that are available now are:

There are many more presentations on the JavaOne 2013 sessions website.