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Test All The Builds
Early Access builds of JDK 7u60 have been updated with Build b03. A list of changes is available. As the focus of the JDK 7u60 release is plain old bug fixes, this build contains bug fixes across the JDK code base.

In addition, a new Early Access build of JDK 8: Build b124 is now available for testing. This build updates HotSpot in JDK 8 to HotSpot 25 build 66 and fixes various issues, two of which were reported by Apache Maven and Groovy developers - thanks! If you find issues during your own testing of this build, please report a bug.

An extensive list of changes since the previous build is linked off the download site. For developers making their own OpenJDK builds, and looking to compare their regression test results with others, JDK 8 b124 regression test results have been posted to the quality-discuss mailing list, as usual.

As a new addition, starting with 7u60 b02, you can now also find the regression test results for JDK 7u early access builds being posted to that list, including those for the latest build.

Happy testing!