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JSR 277 expert group needs a GC cycle

Q: What do

David Bock
Stuart Halloway
Doug Lea
Ted Neward
Samuel Pullara
Apache Software Foundation
Ironflare AB
SAS Institute Inc.

have in common?

A: They are all members of the JSR 277 expert group. They also haven't managed to post to its mailing list since it was opened up for public read only access in last May, more than 8 (in words: eight) months ago, as far as I can tell by searching its archives.

Suggestion: The spec lead should run a gc cycle on the inactive members, and repopulate the expert group with people who care more actively about the subject. Read-only participation for the existing read only members is still possible through the read only mailing list.

Alternatively, the inactive experts should consider resigning from the expert group, and let other, more engaged people move the JSR forward.

Update: I've sent this as a comment to the JSR 277 comments email alias. I'd be happy to add further inactive members I've missed, all I did was a quick search in the archives on gmane, and if someone didn't come up, and I couldn't find them on the openjdk mailing list archive, they ended up in the list. I'd be happy to purge entries, if someone shows me that the member has actually posted anything to the list until today.