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Done, done, on to the next one

Congrats to Lillian and the team behind OpenJDK in Fedora on making it through the finishing line in time for FUDCon, and getting OpenJDK6 to pass the compatibility checks on x86-fedora9 and x86_64-fedora9!

David Herron explains why this was a lot of non-trivial work, even though the code was 'mostly there'. It involved a lot of work from Sun, Red Hat and the OpenJDK community on splitting OpenJDK6 from OpenJDK7, cleaning up the left over encumbrancies over the past year, and last but by no means least: carefully going over each compatibility test failure and feeding the fixes into Fedora, IcedTea and OpenJDK.

Rich Sharples has a nice blog post thanking Tom Fitzsimmons, Lillian Angel, Gary Benson, Keith Seitz, Mark Wielaard and Andrew Haley for their great work on this, and I'd like to add Joe Darcy, David Herron, Mark Reinhold, Paul Rank, Dmitri Trembovetski, Alex Menkov, Karl Helgason, Artem Ananiev, Denis S. Fokin, Phil Race, Igor Nekrestyanov, Roman Kennke, Andrew Hughes, Tom Marble, and many, many others who have provided patches, reviews, suggestions and assisted with pushing OpenJDK6 forward.

On to the next distribution!