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[2008-07-12] Accepted 6b10dfsg-1 in unstable (low) (Matthias Klose)

The Debian package information for OpenJDK6.

Welcome to Debian sid, OpenJDK6!

Special thanks to Matthias Klose, Andrew Hughes, Michael Koch, Torsten Werner for their work on the DFSG-compliant package, and many thanks the Debian team for the thorough review, and the IcedTea and OpenJDK teams for working on addressing the issues raised by the Debian reviewers.

OpenJDK in main is not only great because it means a lot of other Free Software Java-based packages can now more easily follow suit and enter main as well - it also means that a lot of the thorough work done by the OpenJDK community in the past weeks paid off in an OpenJDK source code tarball that was cleaned up to meet the hardest standard of all distributions.

I'll be speaking about the OpenJDK community at OSCON - and 'how we made it into Debian thanks to the great community this little project has' will be part of the theme of the talk. I just hope OpenJDK makes it into Lenny, too, as that would be terrific!

Meanwhile, since the Sun booth at OSCON will have a place to hold mini-talks/bofs/*, I was wondering what those of you that are going to OSCON would like to chat about regarding OpenJDK - post comments and I'll find a slot for it.

Update: I reserved a slot on Wednesday in the Sun booth, at 11:30, for an OpenJDK Q&A after my talk, and a slot on Thursday at 1:50 to chat about Java packaging: Life after OpenJDK, picking up on iquaid's suggestion in the comments to explore Java packaging collaboration between distributions. See you there!