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Mark Pilgrim thinks that OpenJDK in Debian main is awesome.

The awesome Debian packagers waste no time, so following the arrival of OpenJDK in main, TinyLAF followed, as well as libcodemodel-java. May a lot more follow!

Our awesome Joe Darcy didn't waste time either, and released OpenJDK 6 build 11, which was promptly integrated into IcedTea the next day.

Meanwhile, over here in Hamburg, Germany, Kai Ramme kicked off the discussion to move OpenOffice.org to use OpenJDK as the Java baseline for the project. I was there (on the 'other' side) when we debated keeping the OpenOffice.org Java baseline low enough for gcj & friends back in 2005, so seeing Richard Stallman chip in to point out that the "most important thing is to recommend a free Java platform as the preferred Java platform for users to use.", i.e. OpenJDK, was pretty cool, and spot on - of course this move is about promoting the free Java platform - everywhere.

Adding an awesome load of everywhere to OpenJDK, Gary Benson kicked off the discussion on the OpenJDK porters mailing list to start a project for the Zero hotspot interpreter. As regular readers of the sister planets Classpath and JDK know, Gary has been doing some great stuff on marrying Hotspot and libffi to create Zero, a platform-independent, assemblerless Hotspot interpreter engine, and is now hacking on making that work for Hotspot and the LLVM toolkit.

On top of that, the BSD porters have been working with Sun to clear some barriers to inclusion of the Free/Open/NetBSD/SoyLatte port of JDK into OpenJDK, and SoyLatte author Landon Fuller blogged about the progress, so I hope to see SoyLatte in OpenJDK soon as part of a BSD porting project.

Now I just need to finish my awesome slides for the OSCON OpenJDK community talk!