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JVM Language Summit Roundup

I didn't make it to the JVM Language Summit myself, but the reports from Tim Bray, Ola Bini, Ted Leung, Cliff Click and the JavaPosse make it sound as if I missed a great little conference.

Fortunately, videos from talks have been recorded by InfoQ, and should be going up on the web sometime. Meanwhile the PDFs of presentations in the conference wiki offer some insight into what's been discussed. My favorite is John Rose's presentation on the Da Vinci VM, followed by the Scalify talk by Paul Phillips.

If you were reading the twitter feeds from the conference, you've already seen it: The JavaPosse podcast broke the news that Neal Gafter is now working for Microsoft, and Tim Bray and Ola Bini broke the news that Mark Reinhold is a big fan of getting invokedynamic into Java 7.

Interesting times ahead.

Update: Noch mehr Links dazu gibt's auf Deutsch bei JAXenter.

Update: More reports are coming in: Bryan Weber has a series of posts for each day of the summit, and an article by Gavin Clarke in The Register.