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Commit of the day: Nimbus

As tweeted by Kirill Grouchnikov, Nimbus has been pushed into the swing forest. Nimbus is cool, and porting such features from the JDK 6 Update releases forward to JDK 7 is on the milestone list.

I mentioned this on IRC on #openjdk on irc.oftc.net, and while looking over the patch, Andrew Hughes noticed that the patch introduced binary JARs, found out where they came from and informed the IRC channel about it. Mark Reinhold saw that, and posted on the swing-dev list, to point out that adding binary files to OpenJDK 7 is not a good idea. Meanwhile, Andrew went ahead and created a backport of the Nimbus patch for OpenJDK 6 within 10 minutes of Mark's e-mail hitting the swing-dev mailing list, and uploaded it to the OpenJDK Bugzilla.

That's what I like about the #openjdk IRC channel - it's the most efficient way to get such things done.

Update: Andrew has a post about it, too, with screenshots!