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As Simon Phipps reports, thanks to Mark Reinhold's tireless effort to put everything in place for the announcement, the OpenJDK Interim Governance Board has been expanded to include two new members, Martin Buchholz, and Andrew Haley.

Martin is a software engineer at Google, who is very active in the area of core library development, and has been the first engineer outside Sun to start pushing changesets into the OpenJDK Mercurial repositories back in 2008. Andrew is the Open Source Java Technical Lead at Red Hat, and has been active in the Java libre movement since its beginning as the co-maintainer of the gcj project, and GNU Classpath developer - he's now working on pushing the IcedTea changes upstream into OpenJDK 6/7 and accordingly, on making it easier for contributions to flow into the project.

Both have had a lot of experience with OpenJDK, and I'm particularly pleased that the new board members come from the growing pool of regular OpenJDK committers.