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JVM Language Summit roundup

The JVM language summit happened last week, and as usual after a developer gathering these days, slowly the podcasts are starting to appear. First to get a summit-related recording out were the makers of the Grails Podcast, who in the issue 95 have led an interview with Jochen Theodorou, the Groovy Project Tech Lead, touching on "Groovy history and his current role, polyglot programming, JSR 292 (invokeDynamic) and the Da Vinci Machine Project".

Following in their steps with their 279th episode is the JavaPosse podcast, with a long interview with Joe Darcy and Alex Buckley about Project Coin in particular and Java programming language evolution in general.

In addition, Rich Hickey of Clojure fame was interviewed by Bill Venners for Artima.

John Rose philosophically wrapped up the first day of the summit in his post, while Bryan Weber blogged each day of it. And the tweet by tweet play is up on ScribbleLive, if 140 characters or less are your cup of tea.

Finally, the slides for most of the summit's presentation are online, as well.