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OpenJDK roundup

Joe Darcy announced earlier this week that the OpenJDK 6 build 17 source bundles have been published, with updated build documentation for developers eager to build their own bits.

Joe also posted the regression test results for build 17 on Linux, with more then 50 new passing tests. Andrew Hughes took care of updating IcedTea6 to use build 17, allowing a few dozen of the accumulated patches to be retired as they have made their way into OpenJDK 6 build 17, thanks to the merging work by Joe, Andrew, and others.

Looking ahead, Andrew has started to backport the Nimbus Swing Look & Feel from the OpenJDK 7 forest to OpenJDK 6.

In other news, the Visual VM project has released version 1.2. The release notes mention a new sampling CPU and memory profiler, enhanced support for jstatd connections, and many UI improvements, like redesigned charts with dynamic tooltips, and partly due to the bump in the underlying NetBeans Platform & Profiler to version 6.7.1.

Haikuzone has mentioned the Haiku port repos, and the ongoing porting work by Andrew Bachmann.