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OpenJDK roundup

The JVM Language Summit 2009 took place in September. The first video of a full talk is now available on InfoQ, and it's Rich Hickey's keynote, "Are We There Yet?".

John Rose has blogged about his paper on "Bytecodes meet Combinators: invokedynamic on the JVM" for the VMIL workshop at OOSPLA on the internals and implications of adding invokedynamic to the JVM.

Lukas Stadler announced on the Da Vinci VM mailing list that he pushed a first patch for a coroutine support prototype to the Da Vinci VM patch repository.

Picking up on that, Rémi Forax has been exploring coroutines in DaVinci VM in a series of posts.

Clemens Eisserer has been busy preparing a webrev of the XRender backend based on the JDK 7 master forest. For added fun, he started working on a Cairo based render engine for faster anti-aliased rendering, called "Jules", and experimented with the idea of making it multi-threaded, with some interesting results.

Mark Reinhold announced the end of milestone 5 with build 76. Between several small language changes, the fork/join framework, JLayer and other features that made it into this milestone, there is a set of features that's not in JDK 7 yet. So three additional milestones were added to the JDK 7 schedule.

Andrew Hughes published the corresponding IcedTea7 sources.

At last week's Devoxx conference, Mark Reinhold spoke about Project Jigsaw, Joe Darcy spoke about Project Coin, and Mark Reinhold won twitter for the day by mentioning closures in his JDK 7 talk. In a good way.

Over on the Swing side of the OpenJDK project family, Florian Brunner has contributed a patch to "generify" JList, along with AbstractListModel, DefaultListCellRenderer, DefaultListModel, ListCellRenderer and ListModel. That change has made it into the JDK 7 Swing repository.

Finally, Jonathan Gibbons published an overview of the build & bootstrapping logic behind javac in JDK 7.