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OpenJDK roundup

Hiroshi Yamauchi provided instructions to speed up the OpenJDK build from the perspective of a developer trying to debug code freshly written code fast by using environment variables to turn off bits of the build that a developer may or may not be interested in.

The Haiku port has reached the stage where the HotSpot VM can be built natively on Haiku OS. Andrew Bachmann published the build instructions.

The BSD port started using Zero to get OpenJDK working on some new platforms, too. Landon Fuller posted his build instructions for OpenJDK on Leopard PPC. Greg Lewis posted a bootstrap build for OpenJDK on FreeBSD/sparc64 8.0.

It's not all new ports and platforms, of course. The Compiler Group sponsored a new Project, adding Project Lambda to OpenJDK's line up of projects. Mark Reinhold published a straw-man proposal to kick the discussion off, which is now taking place on the lambda-dev mailing list.

Finally, Alan Bateman wrote a great in-depth post about the current state of the work to break up the JDK into pieces.