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OpenJDK roundup

The last roundup was two weeks ago, so it's time for another one.

The JDK 7 project released build 79. The list of changes for this build has bug fixes for compressed oops, G1, more work on JSR 292 and build infrastructure for modules.

In the Jigsaw project, Mark Reinhold posted a draft for a simple file format for modules.

Over in the Da Vinci VM project, Lukas Stadler, currently busy hacking on coroutines, wrote a post introducing the concept, it's potential uses, and the status of his patch in the mlvm repository.

The schedule for the Free Java devroom at the FOSDEM conference has been published. It contains the familiar mix of OpenJDK-related topics, packaging themes and open source projects running on top of the JVM.

Sean Mullan announced that a new version of the Secure Coding Guidelines for the Java Programming Language is available.

Finally, over in the BSD porting project, David Green published an update on the state of the remaining bugs that prevented Eclipse from launching with OpenJDK from MacPorts - it's looking good for the upcoming Eclipse 3.6 release.