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Open Positions At Oracle

If you listened to the first episode of the Java Spotlight podcast and the interview with Mark Reinhold (and if you haven't, you can get the podcast feed here), you may have noticed that Mark mentioned that Oracle has some open positions. (As far as I know, there will be more open positions especially for people who have previous experience in JDK or JVM development, e.g. if you used to work for Sun, you are more than welcome back!)

So, I did a casual search on the Oracle careers website for open positions at Oracle for my favorite search term (OpenJDK) and here are the 'Additional Details' mentioning OpenJDK for the jobs in Santa Clara, California that I got back:

  • Job: IRC1409677

    We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer who will be responsible for Java security feature development for upcoming feature releases and stability improvements for existing products.

    Ideal candidate will have proven industry experience in software security, knowledge in Java security model is a plus. Job responsibilities include feature design, implementation and defect resolution; additional job responsibilities include working with external developer community and customers on defects and RFE requests. Hands-on experience with security protocols and best practices required. Past experience in security incident resolution and proactive research is strongly desired. Strong background with client deployment technologies and RIA (Rich Internet Applications) preferred. Must have proficiency in Java, and expert level C/C++ skills, and systems level programming. Strong preference in hands-on OpenJDK and Mercurial development experience. Great leadership, coordination, and communication skills are required.

  • Job: IRC1381808


    * Design and implement new Java language and platform extensions (concurrency, data binding)
    * Work with the openJDK community to develop new Java language and platform features
    * Work through the JCP process to specify and standardize new Java platform extensions
    * Work closely with the rest of the engineering team to develop new Java language features, review design and ensure optimum JVM execution performance
    * Working with QA team to build test harnesses and test new Java platform extensions
    * Ensuring timely software releases by improving efficiency, productivity and consistency through software development


    * A strong technical background as well as good verbal and written communication skills.
    * Candidates with previous experience in language design, compiler and Java virtual machine
    * Previous experience in parallel and concurrent programming (multi-core and distributed computing)
    * Motivated and results oriented individual who is highly technical and has hands on coding ability
    * Experience with database and data binding language extensions (LINQ)
    * Strong Java programming background and experience with functional languages (Scala, Clojure)
    * Excellent oral and written communication skills together with demonstrated technical leadership
    * Ability to thrive and grow in a fast paced team environment
    * Ability to design, implement, and collaborate with distributed engineering team

  • Job: IRC1381655

    Software engineering position responsible for feature
    development, performance, and stability improvements in JDK
    Core libraries, Networking & Security component areas.
    Work will include support upcoming feature releases
    and maintenance for existing products.

    Additional job responsibilities include working with external
    developers, customers, and partners on defects and RFE requests for
    future releases. Requires experience with design, development, and
    debugging in multi-platform environments. Strong preference in hands-on
    OpenJDK and Mercurial development experience. Must have expert-level
    proficiency in Java, systems level programming and debugging skills

  • For the full job details, please click through the links.