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Wonderful news! If you’re interested in having one of the coolest (IMHO) jobs in software, there are three positions open right now! The JRockit Mission Control team is looking for kick-ass software engineers to help develop the next generation, low overhead, production class profiling and diagnostics tools for Java.

In my opinion a few of the greatest aspects of the job are:

* You have the opportunity to code on both the client and (if you want to) inside the JVM.
* You will work with and help solve very tricky problems.
* Since performance in both the JVM and the tools themselves matter greatly, you will work with advanced data structures and algorithms.
* Collaborate with great Oracle internal teams, such as WebLogic Server and Coherence.
* Work with high profile customers with large scale deployments.
* Since Mission Control will be available in the merged JRockit/Hotspot (often jokingly referred to as HotRockit) code base, your work will literally be reaching millions.

Marcus Hirt in a post describing the new open positions in the beautiful Stockholm area in Sweden.