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Following up on my post from Monday which listed three open positions at Oracle's Java Platform Group in the JRockit Mission Control development team in Stockholm, here are the "Additional Details" for another open position that I was notified about today:

  • Job: IRC1431651


    * Design and implement dynamic and scripting language interpreters (JavaScript, Python)
    * Work with the openJDK community to develop a new JavaScript interpreter on the JVM
    * Work through the JCP process to specify and standardize new Java platform extensions to support dynamic and scripting languages
    * Work closely with the rest of the engineering team to develop new scripting language interpreters and ensure optimum JVM execution performance
    * Working with QA team to build test harnesses for JavaScript interpreter
    * Ensuring timely software releases by improving efficiency, productivity and consistency through software development

This open position is in sunny Santa Clara in California. Please click through the link for the full details.

If writing JavaScript interpreters is not quite your cup of tea, but you enjoy hacking on JVM serviceability, security, core libraries, or the Java language compiler, please see my previous posts listing other open positions at Oracle's Java Platform Group.