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An Open Position At Sun Labs In Germany

I mentioned an open position in Santa Clara, California in the Java Platform Group at Oracle on Monday that included responsibilities like "Work closely with the rest of the engineering team to develop new scripting language interpreters and ensure optimum JVM execution performance". My previous posts on open positions mentioned Stockholm, Sweden, and Burlington, MA.

So, as I didn't mention Germany so far in my posts about Java & JVM hacking related open positions at Oracle, let me fix that now:

Job Reference FS/210126/W

Responsibilities / Accountabilities
# The successful candidate will be part of a research group in Sun Labs working in the area of Virtual Machine research and development. Responsibilities will include advanced research in the areas of dynamic compilation, garbage collection, profiling and performance analysis, and virtualization.
# Additional responsibilities include interaction with internal and external technical audiences (e.g., open source virtual machine developers); technical presentations to colleagues, external research audiences, and customers; the production of technical documentation, research papers and reports, and technical memos; attendance at relevant technical conferences and events (which may require international travel).

As usual, please click through for the full description.