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Winning over IBM was a huge coup for Oracle, especially when you consider the fact that IBM is the one company that competes most obliquely with Oracle in hardware, database and software markets. And being able to keep Red Hat signed onto the project was another big win for Oracle: The company takes Red Hat's Linux as CentOS and rebrands it with its own kernel version and logos.

And yet, both IBM and Red Hat are dedicated to the OpenJDK. Combine this with the news from Nov. 12 that Apple will also be joining the OpenJDK, and you've got quite an alliance of Java stakeholders all working on a single, unified Java.

So kudos to Oracle for being a good community leader. Again, we’re pleasantly surprised by Oracle’s new openness. Who knows, with all this input from some of the world's strongest software companies, Java just might come out of this whole affair with a more reliable ecosystem.

SD Times Editorial Board in an article on Oracle & OpenJDK.