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It's been a while since I wrote a post pointing to open positions at Oracle for hacking on Java. So, without further ado:

  • Job Reference: AG/212303/W


    This engineer will work as part of the engineering team which is responsible for the development of Java SE Platform GUI class libraries for Mac OS X. The job requires an individual with a strong focus on quality and an emphasis on meeting customer/developer needs.

  • Job Reference: AG/212169/W


    We are looking for an engineer who will be able to write high quality software code that tests assertions from Java SE specifications. Another important focus for this position is taking part in the review of specification documents to ensure their high quality from conformance prospective. And finally, an engineer on this position will have to maintain existing code: first of all it is analyzing incoming challenges of conformance tests and test failures on various software/hardware configurations as well as supporting and developing the build system of the products developed by the team.

  • Job Reference: AG/212127/W


    As a member of the software product development team, you will take an active role in the design, implementation and maintenance of tools and instruments for Java Compatibility test suites used by various teams within Java organization. The position implies communication with internal customers on collecting requirement, answering technical questions, investigating problems and suggesting decisions. And finally, you will need to adhere software development processes and best practices established in the company.

As usual, please click through for the full descriptions.