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Oracle Open Positions: May 2011 Edition

New month, new post on new open positions for hacking on Java at Oracle:

  • Job Reference: VN/213711/W

    Scope Of Work:

    Analysis, Design and Implementation of new features for Java Client stack. Performance and footprint tuning, code optimizations and stabilization. We are looking for Java Software Engineer with experience with Java SE, AWT, SWING and familiar with 2D and 3D graphics. Independently designs and integrates solutions, plans projects, writes technical specifications, effectively communicates with peers and cooperates with other engineering groups.

  • Job Reference: AG/213238/W


    As a member of the software product development team, you will take an active role in the design, implementation and maintenance of tools and instruments for Java Compatibility test suites used by various teams within Java organization. The position implies communication with internal customers on collecting requirement, answering technical questions, investigating problems and suggesting decisions. And finally, you will need to adhere software development processes and best practices established in the company.

  • Job: IRC1465608

    Department Description:

    Position available in the internationalization team working on the Java SE/OpenJDK and Java FX Platforms. This person will design, develop, support and deliver internationalization functionality, and will work with other internal engineering groups such as quality assurance, technical writers, & licensee support. In addition the engineer will interact with external OpenJDK contributors.

    You will design and develop platform software libraries using the Java programming language, as well as C/C++. Moderate to advanced API design & development. Knowledge of another human language besides English, particularly using complex text processing & input methods (e.g. Asian, Arabic, Indic, etc). Working in a geographically and organizationally distributed software development team. Multi-platform development on Windows, Mac, Solaris, Linux. Knowledge of internationalization and text APIs of Windows, Macintosh, or any Unix system. Knowledge of Unicode/Bidi/Character encoding a plus. Experience with Swing & AWT a plus.

    Written and oral English communication. Self-motivated and able to make continual progress with little supervision.

  • Job: IRC1467527

    Additional Details:

    We are looking for a strong candidate for the Core Libraries team to work on new features for our upcoming JDK feature releases. This senior engineer will interact with the OpenJDK community and JSR 310 Date/Time spec lead to develop API & implementation. Knowledge of existing Java Date/Time classes is a plus. Job responsibilities include design, develop, support and deliver core Java functionality; additional job responsibilities include working with internal cross functional teams such as Quality Assurance and technical writers, external community developers and customers on RFE and defects.

    Must have proficiency in Java, expert level C/C++ skills, and systems level programming. Prior experience in API design is required. Experience working in a geographically and organizationally distributed software development environment is a plus. Must have multi-platform development experience with Windows, Mac, Solaris, and Linux. Strong preference in open-source projects and Mercurial source code control system experience. Great leadership, coordination, and communication skills are required.

  • Job: IRC1527740

    Additional Details:

    We are looking for a candidate who has strong leadership, engineering and communication skills to help drive the day-to-day operations with the OpenJDK community (both internal and external to Oracle). This includes communicating outside Oracle to help non-Oracle engineers to understand how to work within OpenJDK, creating/updating the documentation and processes and helping to drive the creation/adaption of tools that can bridge the gap between what Oracle engineers currently use to develop/test features and fixes, and what external engineers need in order to be as effective as the Oracle engineers

    Experience working on open source projects and working in a geographically and organizationally distributed software development environment is required.

As usual, please click through for the full descriptions.