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QotD: Claus Riegen on SAP joining OpenJDK

As with many other technologies we are utilizing in our products, it makes a lot of sense to work with the open source community behind these technologies to align our requirements with the open source standard. Which is why we recently decided to join the OpenJDK project in order to work with many other developers from Oracle, IBM, Apple, Red Hat and elsewhere on the next set of Java innovations as part of the "standard" open source JDK. We signed the Oracle Contributor Agreement and today, Volker Simonis from the SAP JVM team announced our engagement on the OpenJDK mailing list.

The work on JDK 8 was recently started, which essentially is a good time to join and start contributing. I wish the project team at large and the SAP team members in particular a healthy collaboration. This is good for the OpenJDK open source community. And it is good for SAP.

Claus Riegen, Program Director, Technology Standards and Open Source at SAP AG in a blog post.