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It's been a while since I posted a "Russian Federation Edition" of open positions at Oracle for hacking on Java, so without further ado, here are the latest & newest open positions. For earlier listings, please check the earlier post, and of course, you can search the corresponding Oracle careers website directly.

Senior Developer (Java Client group) - Oracle Development SPb

Job Reference: AG/209553/W


Software developer for Java GUI toolkits portion of the Java FX and Java SE Platform and Web Component for JavaFX. This engineer will work as part of the engineering team which is responsible for the development of JavaFX technology and Java SE Platform GUI class libraries. The job requires an individual with a strong focus on quality and an emphasis on meeting customer/developer needs.

Java GUI Toolkits Software Development Engineer - Oracle Development SPb

Job Reference: IS/215799/W


  • Develop and contribute functional designs according to provided software requirements to implement complex features within or across products.

  • Build and write code of product components as well self unit tests programs. Test solutions to ensure the issue is resolved and there is no impact to other associated areas.

  • Develop solutions within appropriate time scales.

  • Perform code reviews of complex programs.

  • Identify the critical elements of a problem and alternative ways of resolving it.

As usual, please click through for the full descriptions.