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JavaOne 2011: OpenJDK Edition

As we mentioned in the last episode of the Java Spotlight podcast The JavaOne Content Catalog is now live.

This year there are 9 sessions with OpenJDK in their title or abstract:
  • Blood from a Stone: Low-Level Hotspot Flags for Optimization Nuts (25141)

  • IBM Java 7 (23829)

  • IBM and OpenJDK (22660)

  • IcedTea and IcedTea-Web (21540)

  • OpenJDK BOF (23880)

  • OpenJDK Development Best Practices (18020)

  • OpenJDK Port for Mac OS X (22681)

  • Project Coin in Action: Using New Java SE 7 Language Features in Real Code (25028)

  • What's New on the JDK 7 Desktop? (24624)

presented by speakers from Engine Yard, IBM, Oracle and Red Hat.

Looking at the trend from the past two years, the number of directly OpenJDK-related sessions approximately doubled each year.

See you there!